October 2019

It’s been a quiet month on the art front apart from ordering in card blanks in anticipation of designing some new Christmas cards. I particularly like these kraft card blanks as they are made from 100% recycled paper – as are their matching envelopes – and they’re lovely to draw and paint on. I’m hoping to get my Christmas card designs into my online Etsy shop The Museum Shelves in a couple of week’s time…


I’ve been slowly planting bulbs since the start of September whenever the weather conditions have allowed. I love crocuses as they are so early to flower and bring a bit of colour into the garden.

I’ve bought a couple of different crocus bulbs this year: Pickwick (purple with a white stripe) and fuscotinctus which are bronze with brown stripes at the base of the petals. I’ll look forward to posting photographs at the end of Winter/start of Spring.

While I love crocus for the splash of colour they bring to the garden when not much else is in flower, I also grow them as they are so useful for providing early season food for the bees who seem to absolutely love them.


Ginger and Sweet Potato Cake with Zesty Lemon Icing

This month’s recipe is a fabulous gluten-free ginger and lemon cake. Continuing last month’s theme of incorporating vegetables, this cake uses grated raw sweet potato – although you’d never guess it. I developed this recipe for Hodmedod’s using their fava bean flour as it is naturally gluten free. You can get the flour online or in a range of local delis. The flour makes a great bread improver and makes perfect gluten-free pastry – check our my other recipes on their website.

The recipe for this month’s cake can be found on the Hodmedod’s Recipe pages.

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